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Future of OTT

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Future of OTT

Have you ever tried to search content for your next binge watch session? Chances are, you have done that more often in past couple of years. There are OTT series that we love and cannot stop talking about. That feeling to continue to next episode has been a regular one now. OTT services are now part of our day to day lives. The obvious next question is where do we go from here. Will it be always about content and to some extent the UI/UX of apps?

Globalization of regional content is definitely the way forward for global OTT players. Squid Games and Parasite have been major successes globally for Netflix. Focus on regional content within India is another key aspect. A show like Tarak Mehta connects nicely with audience due to its simply language and plot. More such content can help OTT services to find long term viewers.

Integration with other services like, games, e-commerce and artificial reality (AR) is going to be the next big addition to OTT services. Few OTT players have started adding gaming to the platforms already. But with AR coming in, users can find a more immersive experience around OTT services. Imagine yourself talking to Walter White in the Metaverse. Jesse would definitely get on your nerves sooner than later. With amalgamation of OTT videos and AR, the content houses can create a greater engagement and revenue streams.

E-commerce is likely to be strongly connected to the OTT ecosystem. Imagine recommendations to buy merchandise for your favorite star from the show you watched just now. These ads will be customized based on user profiles and watch history. Interactivity during a binge session will be normal going forward. Users will be able to predict the outcome thereby influencing the next seasons.

What are your thoughts on the future of OTT?

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