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Sorry Marvel and DC, Godzilla tops this list

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Godzilla vs Kong topped the list of most pirated movies in 2021

While we were busy in debating supremacy between Marvel and DC movies, Godzilla vs Kong has topped the list of most pirated movies in 2021. This monster movie was the prime target of the pirates globally. At the second place was “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” amongst the top 10 most pirated report published by tech company Akamai.

Most Pirated Movies

“Godzilla vs. Kong”

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League”

“Black Widow”


“Mortal Kombat” (2021)

“The Suicide Squad”


“Wonder Woman 1984”

“Raya and the Last Dragon”

“Jungle Cruise”

Most Pirated TV Shows of 2021

“Loki” Season 1

“WandaVision” Season 1

“Rick and Morty” Season 5

“The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” Season 1

“The Walking Dead” Season 10

“Game of Thrones” Season 8

“The Flash” Season 7

“Vikings” Season 6

“True Beauty” Season 1

“Superman & Lois” Season 1

Piracy has been a major nuisance for global content houses and platforms. It cuts through major chunk of revenues thereby impacting the whole of industry. Some of major piracy platforms are on torrent websites, illegal applications on mobile platforms, Telegram and websites.

Fighting piracy is always about staying close to the enemy. Content houses and OTT platforms rely on solutions like DRM, CDN level blocking, Anti-piracy services, application-level security etc. to fight off pirates. Anti-piracy service requires a holistic approach and understanding of the overall ecosystem. It requires a combination of tech and service to stay closer to pirates to minimize the impact.

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